Verdandi korrektur & översättning offers these services:

Proof reading

I proofread your text, mark errors and suggest possible changes and improvements. I go through grammar, spelling, vocabulary, clarity, punctuation and make sure that your text is the same style throughout.

I give students a discount to review their work (only essays).


I offer translation in the following languages:

  • Swedish to English (British)
  • Swedish to English (US)
  • English (British) to Swedish
  • English (US) to Swedish
  • Norwegian to Swedish
  • Danish to Swedish

Audio book reading

I can be hired, through Whip Media to be the voice(s) of your audio book.

You can listen to my voice sample (in Swedish) here. I am looking forward to be the voice of your book!


For more information or to order the service, please contact me at: kontakt[at]