My name is Maria Lindgren and I run the sole proprietorship Verdandi korrektur och översättning in Linköping, Sweden where I do proof readings and translations.

Since the company’s inception in November 2014, I have proofread a variety of genres and translated both board games from Danish/English into Swedish and books from English into Swedish. I have always been “the-go-to person” for proofreading, and any other form of linguistic, questions my friends have had, since primary school.

I am not a trained linguist or translator, but a student teacher with history and religion as my primary subjects but I have also read the course language and mathematics for young children. In addition to this, I also read a lot of different subjects to deepen my knowledge in religion and history. During my education, I have been working as a substitute teacher and have worked as a teacher in SFI (Swedish for immigrants) during a semester and this means that I have a broad non-educated knowledge of languages and I read a lot about the structure of language in my spare time.